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22 May,2017

Top 5 product designers in the world

by Aritra Sarkar | posted in Blog

“(Product) Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” The main purpose of a product designer is to produce tangible products through implementing various design processes involving ideation of concepts, implementation of ideas, and assessment through feedback. Image Source: i.ytimg.com Features and usability,...

12 May,2017

Career options after getting a Degree in Fashion Design-Scope, Job Prospects and Responsibilities

by Aritra Sarkar | posted in Blog

Are you someone who have an infatuation towards the floral embroidery designs of Purvi Doshi or maybe someone who might have a passion for the retro styling of Masaba Gupta who reinvented Indian traditional clothing? Then you might be the right candidate for pursuing a career in Fashion Designing. Even...

26 Apr,2017

Types of jobs one can get after completing a degree in Interior Design!

by Aritra Sarkar | posted in Blog

Got a degree in Interior Design-What’s next? Interior designing is one of the most gratifying and thus most sought after career options of the 21st century. Be it a small house or a big corporate office or a shopping mall, the presence of good Interior Design can be found everywhere....

15 Apr,2017

An A to Z guide to Product Design-Goal, Types, Process, Stages, Examples

by Aritra Sarkar | posted in Blog

Goal-Designing the perfect product Companies that sell any kinds of products, needs to update their products regularly or need to come up with new products altogether to stay competitive in the market.  For this, they need to ideate new and unique design concepts and turn them into reality through proper...

07 Apr,2017

Product Design-Education, Information, Career, Duties, Job Opportunities and Responsibilities

by Aritra Sarkar | posted in Blog

What is product design- an introduction: “The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul” From the beginning of the human history, the inquisitive nature of the human beings has always tempted them to come up with new ideas. These ideas helped them to push...

07 Apr,2017

What kind of Jobs one can get in Visual Communication Design-Job Profiles, Responsibilities, Duties

by Aritra Sarkar | posted in Blog

What kind of Jobs one can get in Visual Communication Design: It has been rightly said that Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries. In the same way, any kind of good visual design that has been created to communicate with a broader audience also leaves its...

top design college Gujarat

03 Apr,2017


by Aritra Sarkar | posted in Blog

India is a country rich in cultural heritage. Great Indian fashion designers take cues and inspirations from distinctive traditional forms of fashion and ethnicity of specific locations, blend it with modern trends and come up with stunning apparels and accessories. This beautiful juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional design styles is...

31 Mar,2017

How to Become a Fashion Designer?

by Aritra Sarkar | posted in Blog

Over the last few decades, the fashion industry has evolved significantly. Due to rapid socio-cultural globalization, we are constantly getting exposed to new fashion trends and lifestyle. The use of digital media is also made it easy for us to get accustomed to the unique lifestyle of different countries. Because of...

24 Mar,2017

The Beauty of Lifestyle and Accessory Design-Definition, Career, Job Opportunities, Skills, Degree, Salary

by Aritra Sarkar | posted in Blog

What is Lifestyle and Accessory Design? Lifestyle products are those products that define our way of life whereas accessories are mainly used as extensions to one’s personality. Without Lifestyle products or accessories, we would have spent a very monotonous life. It is often said that smile is the best ornament...

17 Mar,2017

The Power of Visual Communication Design-Definiton, Career, Job Opportunities, and Degree

by Aritra Sarkar | posted in Blog

What is Visual Communication Design? A picture speaks a thousand words and so does any other visual medium of communication. More than 93% of all communication is nonverbal in nature and it is proven that human brain can process visuals approximately 60,000 times faster than the text. That’s why visual...