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End semester Jury exam-The Judgment Day for the blooming buds of UID

The jury is the end semester exam for the Design students of UID where they craft beautifully designed products using the knowledge and practical experiences they gained from the lectures, workshops, industry visits, study tours etc. A good score in the Jury exam ensures that the students have acquired a better understanding of the subject. Students are assessed on the basis of their subject knowledge, creativity, and presentation skills. The test includes a detailed presentation followed by a rigorous question answer session. Eminent designers are also invited to UID to become a part of the Jury panel. Some of the reputed designers who came to UID this year are:

  • Prof. Jaydeep Panchal (Product Design)
  • Prof. S. M. Shah (Visual Communication)
  • Barsha Datta (Fashion Designer)
  • Carmina Fernandes ( Fashion Designer)
  • Ar Utpal Naik (Interior Design)

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