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Foundation Programme for Undergraduates is developed to enhance and sharpen the basic skills required for all design disciplines. The programme includes basic sketching and drawing to enhance hands- on skills, observation power, handling different mediums from pencil to various colour techniques followed by analytical drawing to understand the critical analysis of forms and shapes.

Detail introduction to principles and elements of design is a core exposure given to the students to relate emotive, visual and psychological aspects of design learning. Geometrical construction aims at basic shapes to the rules of golden proportion which is basic key to understand proportion and implementation of design ideas into product reality.

Basic exposure to different material and workshop practice is carried out as important area for design studies. Student learns to use and handle different tools and materials. Perspective drawing and orthographic drawing are taught to understand things in reality and learn to transform ideas into technical and visual presentation. Design can never be away from society and craft. UID gives exclusive exposure to learn with master craftsmen & artisans of various crafts, in order to understand the artisan and art. Students are expected to relate the craft to urban lifestyle and demand. History of art and culture gives exposure to international & Indian art by expert art historians from the field of fine arts.

Basic photography is a key available to all designers, Hence it is included as part of foundation programme itself. Students learn to use camera as a tool of creative & emotive expressions as well as get acquainted with the basic terms of photography. Having undergone the exposure of all the subjects create an aptitude in a student to go for design thinking. By the end of the foundation year, student undergoes a rigorous creative exposure of design process to develop product ideation and design.

At the end of the foundation year, students are expected to present their work before the eminent jury composed of design professionals and educationalists to receive valuable feedback.

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