Product Design

In the last few years, the field of Industrial Design has gone through dramatic changes. We have seen the revolution in digital technology, which allowed billions of people around the globe to connect, communicate, and share information. We have curated a programme where students will be exposed to the latest industry trends and will be encouraged to innovate.

We have observed the convergence of industrial design with scientific research—from biology and genetics to artificial intelligence and robotics—allowing things from the realm of science fiction to take shape in real life. We have at last begun to address problems of the “other 90%” of the world, trying to solve problems of poverty, hunger, energy, health, and other troubling issues of the disadvantaged world population by design.
We have come to realize our responsibility for the planet’s climate and limited resources, and for our handling of the environment, industry, and agriculture.

The UID program is set to prepare students to become industry leaders, capable of tackling the complexity of design problems in the 21st century. Whether working in corporations or acting as entrepreneurs, students will be able to create products, systems, and environments and these will ultimately help to innovate and improve everyday objects and situations.

At the UID students gain a solid understanding of design fundamentals from aesthetic values of 3-dimensional form to critical design thinking.  In accordance with national accreditation standards, we structure our program to address design complexity, innovation, technology and sustainable future planning, all in an interconnected global context.

UID faculty members are professional educators and designers; many of who are principals of their own successful businesses and recipients of prestigious industry awards.

  • A product designer needs to have sound technical skills in order to make models as well as they should have the ability to handle multiple projects
  • Product designers mainly design with colleagues and clients. They also work with engineers, model makers, sales and marketing staff etc
  • They also work in order to improve the existing product as well as they also design new products
  • Product designers generally use sketches, 3D models as well as computer designs to present their ideas

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UID have experts faculty from nid, nifd, nift, cept, symbiosis institute of design,, PEARL ACADEMY, mitid, school of interior design. AMOR INSTITUTE OF DESIGN, SHRISTI DESIGN SCHOOL. Application form are available on BRDS, afa, afda, silica, SKYBLUE INSTITUTE OF DESIGN , AFD India, Pahal Design