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School Of Interior Design

In the continual intellectual and creative play of urban living, metropolitan cities are flourishing incessantly, surpassing their own standards of lifestyle. The School of Interior Design focuses on a learning model based on architecture as well as the indoor environment for developing human interface within a given space. This programme emphasizes on space planning, creative problem-solving, communication skills, knowledge of building materials, construction, and computer aided drafting and history of design to create professional and successful interior designers.

The Interior Design Programme at UID is a blend of keen sense of colour, design and space management that offers vast scope in terms of growth. At UID, students learn to design interior spaces that make an impact on communities, companies and the environment.

Key Features:

  • Develop student sensibilities in space design
  • Encourage solving of community space planning issues
  • Focus on the art, science and philosophy of designing and constructing interior spaces
  • Emphasis on developing mechanical skills to visually communicate spatial concepts

Bachelor's Programme

Master's Programme

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