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UID students visit to the Blind People’s Association

Somebody said very wisely that Instead of thinking outside the box, Get rid of the box. And this came to an existence after the visit to the blind people’s association conducted with 40 students of Lifestyle & Accessory Design Semester 3, as a part of Class module “ERGONOMICS” on 18th July 2017 along with Deepak Vishwakarma, Assistant Professor, LSA. The aim was to understand the Human- Product Relation as a part of the module “ERGONOMICS- a study of human-product relationship.” · The students were asked to observe the space, surrounding and work culture at the association, and prepare a report for the same. · The aim was also to understand how a Product/space is designed with consideration of the people with the special needs. · At the place they experienced the journey of visually challenged people in the form of “Vision-in-the-dark”- a journey into the world of blindness. · It was an eye opening experience so as to how a person with a visual challenges is no more different in terms of doing their day to day activities with a little help from a person with the gods gift (Vision). · They also saw how these people are engaged in very many activities and workshop as a part of their learning. Such as music, painting, stitching, workshop skills and many more things which they learn and do. · Not only the visually challenged people but our students got the chance to interact with kids suffering with AUTISM and shared their feelings by getting chocolates and ice-creams for them. A special attraction was the souvenir shop in the campus with the products made by the students of the association itself.

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