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Workshop on “Automobile Design Sketching” by Prof. Asish Nar, faculty in DYPDC – Center for Automotive Research & Studies, Pune

A workshop on “Automotive Design Sketches” was organized recently at Unitedworld Institute of Design for the students of Product Design (UG-4 & UG-6) under the guidance of visiting faculty Prof. Ashish Nar and UID faculty Prof. Robin Makvana and Prof. Sameer Bakshi.
Prof. Asish Nar is the respected senior faculty in DYPDC – Center for Automotive Research & Studies, Pune.

unnamed Workshop on “Automobile Design Sketching” by Prof. Asish Nar, faculty in DYPDC   Center for Automotive Research & Studies, Pune

The workshop was based on primary inputs on how a car is designed and manufactured, and hardcore practice was done on car sketching and illustration, inputs on rendering and hashing were also given.

The workshop started with the initial steps of defining the car design exteriors. The students were taken through the eleven step process of defining the external design elements. The students had to demonstrate their sketching skills in about 60 sheets.

The pace of the workshop was felt on the second day when Prof. Ashish took the students to a high level of understanding of the design elements. The students were grouped into design studio groups and had to present their design concepts with specific design briefs. The groups (namely: Potitpotina, Ramp, Urxxar, CDx, DW, and SD) were pitted against each other over a time line of 4 hrs and the winner was Ramp.

Students really enjoyed and had a great amount of learning from the workshop which will be helpful throughout their life.

Students were also rewarded with a participating certificate from DYP-DC as well as from UID.

An overview of the Automobile design Industry and its revolution:

From the Vintage Ford Model T convertible to today’s ultra modern Tesla Model S, the concept of car design has revolutionized in ways that people might not have imagined possible a few years ago. The reality is catching up with science-fiction as technological marvels such as IOT enabled car or the driverless car is now being developed by the pioneers of the automobile  Industry. The mindset of the automobile designing companies has changed too. In early 1900, cars were designed purely based on the functions and utilities. Today’s automobiles are all about providing an exhilarating experience to the customers through the application of cutting-edge technology and marvelous design concepts.


Before 1960, all the major car manufacturing companies (Ford, GM, and Chrysler) used incorporate boat-like features into the design. However, during the 1960s, when European and Japanese car manufacturing companies started exporting their brand new cars to the USA and brought a much-needed freshness in the car design process. Pony cars, like the iconic Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro, featured extended hoods and low-profile cabins in a compact and affordable package. For the first time in the history of automobile designing, companies started using metallic paints on their cars to add that glossy look.

This was the decade where people became more concerned about the rising fuel prices. So, automobile manufacturing companies started producing fuel efficient cars.  After researching the market trends, they found that safety was another prime concern of the customers. So, they came up with some of the most fuel efficient yet slow speed cars during this period. However, with futuristic design,  DMC DeLorean was an exception.


Fluid curves and contours became the main area of attraction for the buyer. This new design language was incorporated into the higher end sports cars available at that time. Examples of such cars are Porche 911 and Mazda Miata. Older wedged shaped sports cars and sedans were phased out in stages.


This was the time when automobile manufacturers started experimenting with all types of shapes, colors, styles while designing the cars.  The interesting thing was that the designs were not based on any general concept and all the automobile manufacturers came up with something unique. The demand for SUVs started increasing and it started dominating the automobile industry.


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